Don’t let vandals wreck your day!

Vandalism can happen in a short amount of time and cause substantial damage to your home or business; it causes several problems such as compromised security. For that reason, you need to act fast. Call ServiceMaster by Lewis Construction. We will respond 24 hours a day to secure the property and prevent further vandalism or theft.

Once the building is secure, replacement doors and windows will be ordered and installed. Any damaged or marked walls will be cleaned or replaced, and the area will be cleaned of any debris, such as broken glass that can cause a hazard to children.

Frequently asked questions

Should I call my insurance?

Call your insurance and let them know what has happened. If the damage is minimal, wait to file a claim until our team arrives to inspect the situation. In some cases, the damage is less than the deductible. Talk with your agent about your individual plan if you have questions concerning your policy.

What should I do before help arrives?

  • Wash any egg or residue from the building exterior.
  • Remove any debris or food from carpets or interior walls. Scrape or blot carpets and furniture – do NOT rub.
  • Vacuum glass particles from carpet and upholstery. Do not walk barefoot in the area of broken glass
  • Save any information about the type of liquid that was spread over surfaces.
  • Make a list of all damage

Should I call for assistance right away?

Yes. Unsecured property is at risk for more theft or damage, and you or your family could be hurt by dangers at the scene.

How can we help today?