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Prepare now with tips for dealing with spring snow melt

Winter snow and freezing temperatures are already creating a potential problem for many homeowners, although they may not be thinking about it. Snow may be piling up on roofs and alongside homes and buildings. As warmer spring weather approaches, that melting snow will find the path of least resistance, and that could be under roof shingles or into basements.

Spring can bring a host of flooding problems, including rising water in rivers, creeks, and culverts, as heavy rain combines with melting snow. The excess water can’t soak into frozen ground so it pools in low spots and that can mean trouble if it’s alongside your foundation.

If you are a homeowner or business owner, it helps to know what steps you can take ahead of time to make your home or business less vulnerable to damage from these natural disasters.

When heavy snow falls

Whether snow falls over several days or weeks, or you experience one heavy snow fall over a few hours, it is wise to pay attention to how much is piling up and where. Then do the following:

  • Get it off your roof – Heavy snow left to pile up can collapse a weak roof, but even a strong roof will be vulnerable to snow melt and ice that can push its way under shingles. Use a roof rake and clear your roof of snow as much as possible.
  • Get it away from your house – Snow that falls from your roof or is shoveled off of walkways has a tendency to pile up along your foundation where the melt can quickly find its way through cracks. Keep those piles at a minimum and clear ice and debris from your downspouts so melting snow can be quickly carried away from your foundation.
  • Get it out of low spots in your yard – Snow piled in low spots will eventually melt, fill that spot, and then follow a downslope toward your house. Identify low spots and ensure they have proper drainage and keep snow from filling those spots and blocking drains.

Flood protection

If you don’t already know, it will take only one season to learn whether you live in an area prone to spring flooding. A single flood in your home can cause damage that easily climbs into the tens of thousands of dollars, so if you are in a flood prone area, flood insurance is a must.

Talk to your insurance agent before you become a victim. Homeowners policies do not cover flood damage due to rising water or other natural disasters.

Take steps now to protect against flood damage by sealing foundation cracks and investing in a sump pump for your basement.

How ServiceMaster Restoration by Lewis Construction can help

If you are dealing with a flood or even a small amount of water in your home or business, acting quickly is imperative. ServiceMaster Restoration can help:

  • Emergency services to get water out of your home or business.
  • Expert drying services
  • Odor and mold remediation
  • Restoration of damaged items, including documents and electronics
  • Repair of structural damage

If you need help recovering from a flood or to repair water damage in your home, contact the experts at ServiceMaster Restoration today.