Mold Remediation Services Akron, Ohio

Mold is everywhere, but it can be especially problematic in older buildings, from homes to offices. Damp basements and crawlspaces, attics plagued by even minor leaks in old roofs, old plumbing fixtures, all contribute to mold growth.

The team at ServiceMaster Restore in Akron, Ohio, are mold removal experts. From older neighborhood homes to downtown offices, ServiceMaster remediates and restores wherever mold is found, ensuring that your home or office is safe and dry.

Mold issues are urgent

Mold is a two-fold problem for any structure. Left unaddressed, mold will cause significant damage to walls and flooring, including subflooring and wood framing. Mold also can lead to health issues, including allergy irritations and asthma. This can be especially problematic in residential settings, but even limited exposure in an office environment can be serious for those who are sensitive to mold.

Symptoms include:

  • Irritated eyes
  • Runny nose and/or sneezing
  • Coughing and/or wheezing
  • Headaches
  • Sore throat

Do you suspect a mold problem?

Mold has a distinct smell and will usually leave evidence on walls and ceilings in the form of white or black residue. Mold thrives in damp places and anywhere that holds moisture or standing water. If you suspect a mold problem in your Akron home or business, contact ServiceMaster for mold remediation.

ServiceMaster Mold Remediation Services

Because mold spores exist naturally in the environment, it’s important to control indoor moisture to prevent its growth. Our services begin with identifying your problem. We ensure the moisture problem is corrected, then provide thorough containment and cleaning so your home or office is left mold free.

  • Mold Assessment – A visual inspection of your property, including hidden areas, tells us the extent of your problem. We lift carpets, check behind paneling and wallpaper, and examine ducts and ventilation systems to determine the level of remediation needed to alleviate your problem.
  • Mold Containment – Once contaminated areas are identified, we isolate those areas with physical barriers as well as air filtration systems to prevent mold spores from spreading further. Your HVAC system will be shut down while cleanup is in process.
  • Mold Removal – We treat with antifungals and antimicrobials to remove mold growth from surfaces and to prevent additional growth of colonies. Depending on the extent of contamination, carpeting, padding, drywall and subfloors may need to be replaced. We remove as little as possible to gain access to and clean the area.
  • Content Cleaning and Restoration – Our mold remediation service includes cleaning and restoration of all furniture and household items that can be saved. Our team also provides repairs and construction as needed for drywall, flooring and other building materials.

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