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Emergency Response Team


Emergency recovery services when disaster strikes

In Ohio, residents are most likely to experience a disaster emergency due to tornadoes or flooding. But these are not the only potential problems a home or business owner might face in Ohio, and ServiceMaster Restoration is ready for any of them.

The varying climate across Ohio means severe storms can happen year-round. During warm weather, electrical storms, heavy rain, high wind, and tornadoes can create a host of problems from fire and flooding to roof and tree damage. In the winter, snow and ice storms can cause flooding from ice dams on rivers, frozen and burst pipes, and collapsed roofs from heavy snow. Add damage from mold as victims wait for disaster relief, and you have a catastrophe on your hands.

Quick response is critical to maximize safety for those involved and minimize additional damage to homes, businesses, and belongings. From tarping a compromised roof to quick removal of furniture and heirlooms from a fire damaged home, disaster relief provided within minutes of the disaster is the only way to ensure quick recovery.

ServiceMaster Restoration provides expert emergency service in any disaster, beginning with responding to your call within 60 minutes, day or night. Whatever your emergency, our check list is simple:

  • We board-up or tarp your home or business to secure and protect.
  • We extract flood water and immediately begin the drying process.
  • We remove carpets, pads, drywall, and anything that could cause mold buildup.
  • We sanitize and deodorize for smoke, fire, and water damage.
  • We provide expert mold remediation.

Natural disasters can happen at any time. While we cannot prevent them, expert help can mean quick and efficient recovery. At ServiceMaster, we recommend the following tips to help minimize your risk for damage and maximize the safety of your family when storms strike.

  • Check trees on your property to ensure limbs are not in danger of falling on your home or other structures.
  • Remove trees that are diseased or damaged.
  • Inspect water pipes inside your home, especially those on outside walls, to be sure they are properly insulated and in good working condition.
  • Check roof shingles and siding for loose or damaged areas and repair them in a timely fashion.
  • Repair or replace windows and doors that are damaged or have broken seals.
  • Be aware of approaching storms and prepare your home by securing or storing chairs, tables and other objects that could become projectiles.
  • Always have an emergency kit and an emergency plan for family members during storm season. This includes keeping important documents in a secure place that is easily accessible if you must evacuate.
  • Consider investing in a portable generator in the event of a long power outage. For your safety, locate your generator in a well-ventilated place at least 20 feet from your home.

When you are facing a disaster emergency, call ServiceMaster Restoration for expert recovery services.