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Barbecue Safety Tips Can Protect Your Home

Barbecue Safety Tips

Summer is grilling season, but even as the weather cools, many homeowners in Northeast Ohio will continue to grill out. Maintaining a clean grill and safe grilling practices is crucial to enjoying your backyard parties and avoiding accidents. Grill fires cause thousands of residential fires every year across the U.S., leading to millions of dollars in damage. Just a few precautions can assure a safe and enjoyable grilling season.

Grill maintenance

  • You probably prep your grill in the spring in anticipation of a long grilling season, but it’s a good idea to give your grill another cleaning and check-up later in the summer if you are a frequent griller and anticipate grilling well into the fall. Consider the following at any time during grilling season:
  • Keep innards and drip trays clean and free of food, debris and grease, checking crevices for insects and blockages.
  • Hoses and connections should be checked at the start of the season for cracks and blockages, but a check at mid-season is a good idea, especially if hoses are not new.
  • Use a soap solution at hose connections to identify gas leaks.
  • Never store backup propane tanks near your home or inside an attached garage.

Grilling out may be an evening routine for dinner for your family, but frequently it becomes an event, with conversation and festivities occurring in the yard and around the grill. Distractions are a frequent cause of kitchen and grill fires, so take a moment to review some safety tips that will keep your barbecue and your home safe.

Grilling safety

  • Never walk away from your burning grill; a flare up can happen in moments from the smallest amount of grease or from overcooked food.
  • Your lit grill should be at least 10 feet from your home or structure, including a deck railing, to prevent heat damage and keep flare ups from spreading into structural fires.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher or baking soda nearby in case of a grease flare up.
  • When relighting a propane grill that has gone out, first turn off the gas and wait at least 15 minutes before attempting to relight; never light a match near the grill if the tank has been open.
  • When you are done grilling, always check that the propane tank has been turned off.
  • The team at ServiceMaster wishes you a long and safe grilling season.